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A View of the Lunar Eclipse From Tucson

Just wanted to post some pics from last night. Amazing how many more people come out when the eclipse is in the early evening instead of 2am!

lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21775874945_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21749736686_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21749735316_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21153168994_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21154819683_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21785313971_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21154817853_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21588976929_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21588974699_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21153164334_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21764152562_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21775865375_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21587845970_o lunar-eclipse-9-27-15_21775862625_o


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