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April 4th Lunar Eclipse

A few days late but wanted to post my pics from the April 4th lunar eclipse. I was traveling and spending Easter weekend in Las Vegas. Even though it’s one of the brightest cities in the world, a lunar eclipse punches through no problem. I was staying at the Luxor hotel so I had their Sphinx and pyramid to use for backdrops.

Not many people up at that time of the morning…just a few people trickling back to their hotels. Managed to get a few of them to look up as they wondered what I was photographing at that hour…a few of them even got excited about seeing the eclipse!

So here are the pics…some close up, some wide shots. I had to keep moving as the Moon set behind the pyramid. Eventually I found a palm tree to use as a foreground object. Click any photo to embiggen.

16410798573_3c51859a56_o 17030085211_9ba783bb5b_o 17030085131_f7ba74c391_o 16408533254_b4230a0794_o 16823540987_bbf2af79a5_o 17004964966_08508466f3_o 16410797603_e351339ced_o 16843163708_96711db582_o

There has been a lot of discussion about whether this was a true total (but very short) lunar eclipse or just a very deep partial eclipse. Just my personal observations, it sure was borderline. I was never totally convinced there was true totality during those brief five minutes. It is very hard to be 100% sure unless the Moon is well inside Earth’s shadow.

Well, I can think of one way to be sure…that would be an observer on the Moon who could see if Earth covered the Sun…can’t wait until we get a person on the Moon during a lunar eclipse…those will be some photos!


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