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Coke Commercials Go South (of the equator, that is)

I went to see Iron Man 3 today and the played a Coke commercial before the movie. Watch the first few seconds of it and note the sunrise in particular.

Okay, now think about a real sunrise assuming you are in the United States (this is a U.S. commercial and they sure look like they are Americans in the U.S. so I think this is a reasonable assumption). To watch a sunrise you face east. In the U.S., the Sun rises from the north (which is to your left) and moves to the south (to your right) which is exactly the opposite of what happens here!

I suspect that they took a sunset and ran it backwards for this clip. From the U.S., the Sun sets in the west and moves from the south (your left) to the north (your right). Running this backwards would produce the effect observed in the commercial (it is possible they sent a film crew south of the equator to film a sunrise, but that seems wasteful for the clip they wanted).

As someone who photographs lots of sunsets, this type of mistake bugs me. I would like to point out that I can be hired as a consultant on these matters for a very reasonable fee to keep your company from looking silly.


May 20, 2013 - Posted by | Media, Sunset

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