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A Couple of Planets and the ISS

I got out tonight to photograph Mercury and Mars. They are rapidly converging for a very close encounter on Friday evening when they will be separated by about half the diameter of the full Moon (forecast is for cloudy in Tucson Friday so I figured I better get them when I can). I was lucky enough to get them just above Kitt Peak as they set. Mercury is the bright one on the bottom and Mars is fainter and higher in the sky.

IMG_0611I then headed out to Saguaro National Park East to get ready for an ISS pass. While waiting, I was experimenting and snapped a quick self portrait in front of a Saguaro. I pulled a little trick and got that dreamy effect where I appear to be transparent and you can see the clouds through me. I am sure photographers know how I did that (it was NOT a double exposure!)


I snapped a series of pics of the ISS pass. This pass was near maximum brightness. Click through the gallery for all the shots.

Enjoying the new camera. Hoping for clear skies for the next couple of nights for more Mercury/Mars pics!



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