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The Moon-Jupiter Conjunction Photos

Okay, I blogged about the close pairing of the Moon and Jupiter so here are some photos. The first one I got about 3:00 in the afternoon, but I prefer this one I took about 3:30pm.


Jupiter is to the lower left of the Moon. I went out for sunset as well. This is the first time I photographed sunset with my new Canon 60D. Wow! A bit different than my old camera! Shoots a lot faster and the sensitivity is different. Managed to get the differences sorted out in time to get a green flash. I am sure I will get better as I practice with this camera.


As soon as the Sun set, I turned to the Moon and Jupiter.


About 8:00pm, I went back out and got this shot. The exposure was short to bring out details on the Moon. You can see the Montes Jura chain extending into the dark side of the Moon (upper left part of the Moon).


And I took one more with the Moon overexposed to bring out the Galilean Moons. Ganymede is to the left of Jupiter and Io and Callisto to the right. Europa was transiting in front of Jupiter at the time and not visible.


I hope you got to see the conjunction. Another one will happen on February 18th, but it won’t be quite as close as this one.


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  1. Super photos! Nice that we had clear skies for it here in southern AZ. Glad the new camera is working out so well.

    Comment by Mike Weasner | January 22, 2013 | Reply

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