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Sunset and Planets From San Diego

I am in San Diego this weekend and finally got a chance to do a little photography. Sunset was up first from the harbor of course. While taking some pre-sunset shots, I got this nice one  of the setting Sun with a bird flying across the field of view.


I kept shooting as usual. Much to my surprise, I got got a hint of a green flash at one point. I saw this visually as well as on the camera just as the left part of the Sun disappeared behind a tree lined hill.

I waited for it to get dark and walked out on a pier to get a pic of a couple of planets and Spica. A few people were sitting on the end of the pier making for a nice foreground. Spica is the lowest of the three bright ones, Mars is above it and Saturn is the top.

Finally, a nice wide shot of the whole harbor with the same three objects. You can see bright lights from the Navy base across the bay.

Nice night in San Diego.



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