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Conjunction Day

Today is the official day of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (defined as when the to planets have the same right ascension. Right ascension is kind of like longitude except in the sky). I took a couple of pics last night that I like. I drove up to Windy Point on the Catalina Highway so these came from a different location than usual.

I really like the colors I got in the post-twilight glow.

Here I got a lucky shot…a meteor streak! Some people have asked if that could be an Iridium flare, but I looked up just to be sure and there were no Iridium flares visible from here last night. I have photographed both meteors and Iridium flares in the past and this does match the appearance of a meteor very well based on previous images I have acquired.


March 16, 2012 - Posted by | Astrophotography, Conjunctions, Observing, Solar Eclipse

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