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Super Moon: Good to See Javelinas

Well, I didn’t get the traditional shots of the Moon rising tonight (dubbed the “Super Moon” since its closest approach to Earth and full Moon correspond pretty closely this month although in reality the Moon passes about this close every month, just not usually at full Moon).  It was pretty hazy and I was seeing Bernadette Peters in concert.  She even mentioned the Moon because she wants to see a javelina and its easier to see javelinas at night with a bright Moon!

So after the concert I got a shot of it above St. Augustine’s downtown using a 35mm lens.

That’s a reasonable approximation of what it looks like to the eye.  Next I used zoom lens and a fill in flash to get a shot of it through a tree at my place when I got home.

Finally, just a good old fashioned close up using a 300mm zoom lens.

I think part of the tree was in that shot which is why the upper right part of the Moon is a little darker, but the tree branch was very out of focus so you can’t really see it.

Everyone should go out next month and notice if you can really see a difference!


March 20, 2011 - Posted by | Astrophotography, Moon, Observing


  1. So beautiful!

    Comment by Michelle | March 20, 2011 | Reply

  2. […] gleißenden Leuchte über der Landschaft mit HDR oder Fotomontagen Herr zu werden (direkt sah es so oder so aus). Schöne Bilder gelangen dagegen oft direkt beim Mondaufgang, so hier, hier, hier, […]

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