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Discovery and the ISS

I got out and got some pics.  I am just going to post them all in sequence here.  The first pics was a shorter exposure time.  I like it better.  I lengthened the exposure time to try and get longer trails.  Unfortunately, I didn’t go anywhere,  just outside my townhome and the church parking lot across the street really lit up the sky on the longer exposures.  I did get the shuttle and ISS passing into Earth’s shadow.  In these pictures, west is to the left and they were moving to the east. Watch in the last images as they both fade out.


March 8, 2011 - Posted by | Astrophotography, Satellite flybys

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  1. […] von der ISS, knapp sechs Stunden später, vom Blogger aufgenommen (was auch in den Niederlanden und den USA gelang). Ein Tribut für die Discovery, das deren Besatzung gerade geschickt hat. Und noch einmal […]

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