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Green Flash Near Kitt Peak

I was on the east side of Tucson taking sunset pictures.  From this point, the Sun is setting just to the south of Kitt Peak.  I got a pic tonight of a modest green flash at sunset.

Click to embiggen.  You can see the Mayall 4 meter dome at the far right and the sideways 7 that is the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope toward the left of the peak in the full size version.  The Sun is setting to the south of Kitt Peak which means that it will soon be setting directly behind Kitt Peak as it journeys northwards as summer approaches.  One of my goals is to get a pic of a green flash behind some of the telescopes.

Two things about this pic.  First, I am shooting with a Canon 70-300mm zoom lens now so I get a slight boost in magnification.  Second, my camera is in the shop so I took this with a borrowed Canon T1i which has a higher pixel count than my usual camera.  I can tell a difference when I crop the image.


February 4, 2011 - Posted by | Astrophotography, Atmospheric Physics, Green Flash, Sunset

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