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Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse Pics

I just wanted to post several pics I took of the lunar eclipse last night.  High thin clouds obscured the view at times here, but got enough holes to see quite a bit.  The clouds started thickening up a bit more right about the time of maximum eclipse when the Moon was deepest inside Earth’s shadow.



December 21, 2010 - Posted by | Astrophotography, lunar eclipse, Moon, Pretty Pictures


  1. […] Update: My friend Rob Sparks in Arizona has some great pictures. […]

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  2. I coordinate the Night Sky Program @ The Badlands NP during the summer. We provide free housing & stipend for volunteers who want to help w/ our astronomy program. Please pass the word that we have positions open for 2011… thanx for your help… and come see us– great dark skies!
    —1998 AFGU grad

    Comment by Night Ranger Larry | December 22, 2010 | Reply

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