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Kitt Peak Green Flash

Okay, I was up at Kitt Peak on Friday (posted some night pics a couple of days ago) and took a nice burst of Sunset pictures trying to capture the elusive green flash.  In reality, you can capture several small green flashes as the Sun sets behind a jagged mountain.

This video is 36 frames taken in burst mode with a Canon Digital Rebel Xti using a 55-250mm EFS lens at f/5.6.  I cropped the pics and put them together into a short video (the colors in the original are better…maybe I can figure out how to optimize if for youtube sometime).  Each picture is up for 1 second so this is slowed down compared to real life. As the Sun sets, you can see a series of small green flashes as the Sun disappears behind the mountain.

Visually we saw one green flash.  The photographs reveal that we really saw a series of small, quick flashes that our eyes perceived as one.


September 21, 2010 - Posted by | Astrophotography, Green Flash

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