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A Couple of Good Reads

It’s well known that I am a big fan of Science Friday.  Last week’s show had interviews with two authors that intrigued me.

The first interview was with Jeff Potter, author of the soon to be released Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks and Good Food. There is a Cooking for Geeks website where you can learn things like how to make ice cream in 30 seconds.

Be sure to check out the blog for all the latest geek cooking tips.

The second interview is with Danica McKellar and covers the next book in her series of math books for girls, Hot X: Algebra Exposed.  McKellar first gained fame as Winnie on the Wonder Years before earning a degree in math and appearing on the West Wing.  She keeps chugging along and I am already trying to avoid coming up with semi-crude names for the inevitable Calculus Books (can anyone say Calculus Coed?  That’s one of the milder things that crossed my mind!)

They are both entertaining interviews.  If you’ll excuse me, I am hungry!


August 8, 2010 - Posted by | Education, general science, Math

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