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Embrace Me, Love Me, Worship Me

Why? Because it’s Embrace Your Geekness Day! And I will out geek anyone. Who else has a cat named Hale-Bopp? A spare space shuttle tile in his house, a spare mirror from the Suzaku X-ray space telescope and a Sloan Digital Sky Survey plug plate? Who gets as upset as Sheldon would over that one hot pixel on the digital projector in theater 13 at his local cineplex? Actually understood the jokes when Stephen Hawking was on the Simpsons? Who spent a month contemplating the physics of smooth (soccer) balls?  Who spotted rendering errors in Avatar that bothered him (although at least he didn’t see it at the theater with the hot pixel!)  Who has befriended his eye doctor and schedules late afternoon appointments so she will let him play with the equipment at the end of the day (she has cool toys!)

Don’t be ashamed…embrace your Geekenss!


July 13, 2010 - Posted by | Fun Stuff

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