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Venus and Mercury: April 3rd

I was driving back from New Mexico tonight (more blogs on that trip coming) and stopped off of I-10 on Highway 191 to snap a few pictures of Mercury and Venus.  They are having a nice conjunction and if you missed it tonight, tomorrow night is just about as good.  Monday they will start moving noticeably apart.  Anyway, here is a pic.

Now an interesting second pic.  During this exposure, a car zipped past (the turnout I used was on the east side of the road and I was looking west). I thought the picture would be ruined, but I think it’s kind of a neat effect in its own right…and I caught a plane in this one as well.  You will notice I wasn’t zoomed in on this on as much.

If it’s clear, I will try a few more pics tonight.


April 4, 2010 - Posted by | Astronomy, Astrophotography, Observing, Solar System

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  1. We saw the same event here, check out our posting:

    Comment by Shawn | April 21, 2010 | Reply

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