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The Lake Erie UFO

The web has been buzzing with reports of UFO that keeps appearing over Lake Erie as seen from Euclid, Ohio.  It is appearing at the same time every night which instantly set off my BS detector since a bright new denzien is gracing the western skies after sunset. MSNBC even carried a report.

Now to the moderately trained eye, that looks like Venus/Jupiter/Mars (whichever is nice and bright near the horizon at the time) shot at high zoom with a shaky hand (well, it doesn’t take much of a shaky hand when you zoom in!)  These guys can be very bright and when they are close to the horizon, Earth’s atmosphere can make them shimmer and change colors quite convincingly.  I was at the U of A softball game Saturday night and a friend asked what the bright light was in the west.  I said Venus and she responded that it was surprisingly orange.

And of course he admits he is not an astronomer…that should be a clue that maybe the reporter should FIND AN ASTRONOMER!

Now here is a kicker for you.  The local Fox news station interviewed him.  He showed a “still” picture during the interview.  I did a screen capture of it.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I went out tonight and saw Venus.  Just for fun, I zoomed in on to maximum zoom and snapped a picture not using a tripod.  Compare.

Interesting, huh?  Okay, I had a tree in my foreground…big whoop.    If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…you know the rest.

Summary, it looks like Venus, Venus is up in that part the sky during the time frame they are observing.  It’s probably Venus.


March 17, 2010 - Posted by | Astronomy, Astrophotography, UFOs


  1. There is 2 venus planets

    that is why the UFO seperates into 2

    If I do not see it

    then it does not exsist

    Comment by skepticnoob | March 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. I search the internet for content for my educational free website and I find there a lot to learn. I go out and make photos and the camera does a lot of tricks. There are balls of light that you can’t tell from a plane oncoming, or a helicopter and stuff in the sky like Planet Venus. It can take some thought. This is not a contactee thing and the trails happen to any lights in the sky the camera is working with. I have to say I feel Fox isn’t about to put up a real ufo and I’ve no doubt they know plenty and would gladly take debunkable evidence to keep the public busy with it’s negative jokes DIRECTED TO PLAY PEOPLE ON EACH OTHER NEGATIVELY TO STAY OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS WHERE THEY HAVE ALIEN CONTACTS AND DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO HAVE A NICE JOB ON EARTH WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE.

    Comment by valerie brooks | March 31, 2010 | Reply

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