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Naked Astronomy!

That should pull some search engine hits in!  I was catching up on my podcasts today and found that they snuck a new one in my feed.  There is now a podcast called Naked Astronomy (from the same people who bring you the Naked Scientists).  Fortunately, they put a sample episode on the Naked Scientists feed…you have to subscribe to the Naked Astronomy podcast separately.

Anyway, I enjoyed it as they talked about a bunch of different stories including the Plank satellite, the LCROSS impact on the Moon and the Messenger mission to Mercury.  You should subscribe via your favorite podcast catcher.  Don’t worry about the title: nothing obscene here.  Just an occasional mild double entendre about observing heavenly bodies delivered with dry British wit…oh, and its free!


January 20, 2010 - Posted by | Astronomy, New Media

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