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Send a Message To Venus

NASA has frequently had campaigns where you could send your name to various planets on their spacecraft.  This time it is JAXA, the Japanese Space Agency getting in on the act.  You can send a message to Venus on Akatsuki.

The do put limits on it, of course.  Your message can only be 40 characters (assuming you are using our alphabet…you only get 20 characters if you use Japanese characters) so this is even a bigger challenge than twitter.  So let’s make it a game.  Post a comment with your best 40 character message to Venus.

A little backgroun, Akatsuki is an orbiter that will study Venus’s climate.  Venus has an very thick carbon dioxide atmosphere with sulfuric acid thrown in for good measure.  Thick clouds keep us from seeing the ground, where it is so hot lead would melt.  Not exactly a good environment for life or even landing a spacecraft!

I have sent my name all over the solar system with NASA and am happy to say this will be my first mission with JAXA.


December 10, 2009 Posted by | exploration, Solar System | 1 Comment