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The ISS Plus Two

Tonight I stayed home to image from the Courtyard of my townhome.  It was a much brighter ISS pass than last night, so I thought I could catch it without going out to a dark site.

I caught an interesting photo of the ISS.  You can see it as the bright streak on the left.  On the right you see a series of pairs of “stars” connected by a very thin streak.  This is a plane that happened to fly through my image.


Now for the challenge.  Click the image to embiggen.  Look closely between the plane and the ISS for a thin streak heading down to the left right.  After checking Heavens Above, I believe this may be the Cosmos 1666 rocket (I could see it visibly, but it was tougher to catch with the camera).  Look closely and you will see the Milky Way starting to poke through the image.  Several star clusters are visible.  After seeing that, I wish I drove out to the park to catch this from a slightly darker site.


July 28, 2009 - Posted by | Astrophotography, NASA, Observing

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