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Four Celestial Bodies

It was cloudy for the nice conjunction yesterday, but it was still pretty good this morning (click to embiggen)

6-20-09-wide0001The crescent Moon is obvious with Earthshine.  Venus is very prominent with Mars slightly to its upper left.  You might have to click for a larger version to detect Mercury almost directly below the Moon (it is hard to see at this resolution, but the full picture is a pretty big file).  The Moon was very close to the Pleaides, but I got up too late and the sky was too bright to get a good shot of them together.

I went ahead and zoomed in on the Moon, Venus and Mars for a closer shot.
6-20-09-zoom0001The Moon will be even a more slender crescent tomorrow morning and almost directly left (north) and a little higher in the sky than Mercury (well, for Tucson at least).  New Moon is Monday at 3:35pm EDT, so the crescent could be a little challenging, but I have spotted it that close to new several times, so it is definitely achievable.


June 20, 2009 - Posted by | Astrophotography, Solar System

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