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Physics in the Simpsons Ride

I just got back from vacation (why you haven’t heard from me much recently) and am busy (why it may take a day or two to get a serious post up) but I was at Universal Studios yesterday and wanted to blog this.

The Simpsons ride at Universal is set at a fictional amusement park called Krustyland.  Before you go on the ride, you are ina  room with various displays and video monitors.  Willie runs a carnival game, Apu in the concession stand, Patty and Selma in the lost and found, and Hans Moleman in the information booth.  These screens take turns with each doing short comic bits to pass the time while you wait.

At one point, Bart approaches Hans in the information booth and asks “Why is the sky blue?”  Much to my surprise, Moleman gives a pretty good, but short explanation of how our atmosphere scatters blue light!  Kudos to the Simpsons on this one!


April 29, 2009 - Posted by | Fun Stuff, Televsion/Movies

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