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Starbucks in Space (and Other Adventures in Zero-G)

Living is space is a little different when you don’t have gravity to do things we take for granted like keeping coffee in the bottom of your coffee cup until you are ready to drink it.  Science Friday recently featured videos by Astronaut Don Pettit. Pettit recently flow on the ISS and discovered a way to make a space based coffee cup.  Here he demonstrates his invention.

He also took a bunch of candy corn with him to do a unique demonstration illustrating how soap gets the dirt out.

And saving the best for last, some of his time lapse photography.  Watch the day/night cycles, the aurora, and the ISS solar panels rotating to maintain the best angle to catch the sunlight.

We need more astronauts who caputure videos like this for us!


April 13, 2009 - Posted by | Fun Stuff, NASA

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