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Another Close Meteor Flyby

After my recent blog about a near meteor that flew by Earth, a couple of people mentioned how they didn’t hear about it until afterwards (and I even heard Dvorak and Curry discuss Comet Lulin on No Agenda and seemed to imply that it was a sudden appearance in spite of the fact that it was discoverd in 2007).

Orbit of 2009FH from NASA/JPL

Orbit of 2009FH from NASA/JPL

So this is just a heads up…recently disovered asteroid 2009 FH will pass by Earth at about 80,000km at 8:17edt tomorrow,  March 18th. Its only about 50 feet wide, so it is smaller than the previous one.  No chance of it hitting Earth and it is well beyond our geosyncrhonous satellites so all is good there as well.

It might seem like a lot of these things are zipping by…but we are just getting good at discovering them.  And since we have advance notice, I bet some astronomers are going to get some images of this one.


March 18, 2009 - Posted by | Astronomy, Solar System

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