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Jack Bauer Will Save Us From Global Warming (If He Can Stop Crashing Cars and Blowing Things Up)

Everyone seems to be going green these days.  Now Jack Bauer is joining Al Gore in an unlikely crusade against global warming. 24 is attempting to be the first network televsion show to become carbon neutral.  24 will do the usual things such as increased recycling and buying carbon credits.  To deal with the carbon created from the aforementioned car crashes and explosions, they are subsidizing a wind farm in India.

Try this out for the next season:  We have perfected clean coal technology and are sequestering all carbon from coal and natural gas plants.  A terrorist cell is plotting to release all the carbon resulting in catastropic worldwide global climate change.  Only one person can stop it: Jack Bauer!

I would tune in for that season!


March 9, 2009 - Posted by | Fun Stuff

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