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E.T., Text Home

Phoning home is so 1980s…its time for ET to text home.  And he doesn’t need a contraption made out of an old record player and Speak and Spell to do it.  The service called Sent Forever will allow you to send a text message to the stars through the British Telecom transmission station at Goonhilly (really).  You can send a message for free or pay for a premium package in which the receiver will be sent a certificate telling them what the message is.  Be careful what you send…it can never be unsent!  (Maybe we need a system to prevent drunk Sending Forever like the one that prevents drunk emailing).

If you send me a message, I plan on inventing a faster than light mode of travel and going out there to receive it personally!


February 3, 2009 - Posted by | Misapplied technology

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