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Help Point Hubble

Few people get the chance to point the Hubble Space Telescope at the target of the choice and snap a pretty picture.  Competition for time is very competitive and many who apply end up disappointed.

But Hubble is giving people a chance to vote on what they want it to point at this spring. The even is part of the International Year of Astronomy.  There are six choice.  One is a star forming region, two are planetary nebula (dying stars, much like our Sun will look in 5 or 6 billion years), a spiral galaxy, an edge on galaxy, and a pair of interacting galaxies.

You must vote by March 1st and the object will be imaged and the image released during the 100 Hours of Astronomy in early April.

I know which one I want to see imaged and will vote early and often (hey, I was born in Chicago!)


January 31, 2009 - Posted by | citizen science

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  1. […] By halfastro You might recall that I blogged about the opportunity for the public to vote on which object to image with Hubble.  The winner (which was my vote) was Arp 274, a trio of galaxies. The winning image was released […]

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