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See Venus During the Day: Updated for Friday, January 30th

One of the observing challenges is to see Venus during the day. It really can be very easy if you choose the right day…and today is one of those days.

The problem is Venus is a small point of light and its a big sky when you have no handy reference point to help guide your way. Every now and then, we have a helpful guide: the Moon. The Moon is much easier to see during the day and can lead you right to Venus.

So here is your map to find Venus (click to embiggen). I made it for Tucson and about 1:00pm on Friday, January 30th using the free star mapping program Stellarium.

Go outside and find the Moon. Slowly scan to the west (right) of the Moon with your eye. You have the best shot at seeing Venus when it is directly in the center of your field of view (when it lands on the fovea, in the center of your retina where your vision is sharpest). When you hit the sweet spot, Venus will jump out at you so bright and obvious you will wonder why you have never seen it before.

Go out and bag this one…even a lot of astronomers have never seen Venus during the day and it can earn you some bragging rights!


January 29, 2009 - Posted by | Observing

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  1. […] see during the day right now. It was close to the Moon today and will be again tomorrow. I put up a blog entry on how to find Venus during the day with a finder chart for Friday. I went out today at about 2:30 in the afternoon in Tucson and […]

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