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Have a Frankenbeer for Long Life

We have a thing about those French, right? They eat lousy diets but are healthier than we are. One idea about why is because they drink a lot of wine that is high in resveratrol. The University of Wisconsin recently published a study on the effects of resveratrol.

Well, we Americans don’t want to drink no stinkin’ wine…we are beer drinkers! So a group of students at Rice University set about finding a solution: a genetically modified strain of yeast that will produce resveratrol! Unfortunately, these are geeky students, not beer brewers and their first batch reportedly wasn’t exactly a fine beer. But they are turning to Saint Arnold Brewing Company to get it right.

Soon we too will be able to eat poorly, drink beer, and still live a long, healthy life thanks to the geeks!

Oh, and that is another bottle of geeky beer: Galileo’s Ale that was introduces at last summer’s American Astronomical Society meeting.


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